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What is NFTrack?

NFTrack is a racing game and an NFT collection featuring 10,000 unique cars. All 10,000 cars are randomly generated using hundreds of different traits combining to create a unique collectible car.

Each NFTrack car will be rendered into our racing game and will compete on our tracks to win rare prizes. On the menu: low stake races and huge player tournaments, betting and lending capabilities to win even when you sleep and other incredible features! NFTrack is living on the Etherum blockchain but with NO GAS FEES! We are on a platform called Immutable X that is a layer 2 etherum platform that allows for 0 fees.

Only 10,000 NFTrack cars will be minted before the game releases. Each composed of one of 8 body types and various customized car parts, you will be sure to fall in love with the particular design of your NFTrack!

Race the Blockchain!

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1 of 1 Replica Ferrari Tournament Prize

To launch the competition season NFTrack has partnered with car engineer Brandon to bring a real life collection car on our racing game.

For more than 10 years Brandon has built numerous hand made custom collection cars at his home garage in Calgary, Alberta. Brandon has chosen NFTrack to link his brand new build to an on-chain NFT for the NFTrack collection : a Ferrari 156 Sharknose replica valued at $300,000+.

The Ferrari 156 Sharknose is a marvel of the 60s, its iconic early Formula 1 body was first seen on the tracks of the Formula One World Championship in 1961. NFTrack holders will be able to compete in our racing game to try to win the custom Ferrari replica and take physical delivery of it.

NFTrack Launch Roadmap

10 %

Rev Your Engines

- 3 NFTs are added to the holders giveaway pool.

- 3 NFTs are added to the Twitter/Discord giveaway pool.

- Work with multiple Twitter promoters to promote the project

30 %

Sound the Gun

- 3 NFTs are added to the holders giveaway pool.

- 3 NFTs I are added to the holders giveaway pool.

- Promotions with multiple influencers.

50 %

Halfway There

- 0.2 ETH giveaway to random holders.

- 0.2 ETH giveaway to Discord/Twitter community.

- 3 NFTs are added to the holders giveaway pool.

- Partnerships with large Discord communities.

75 %

Final Lap

- Start YouTube advertising campaign

- Another 0.25 ETH giveaway to Discord/Twitter community.

- Another 3 NFTs are added to the holders giveaway pool.

100 %

Podium Placements!

- Give away Ultra rare 1 in 10,000 NFT to random holder.

- Massive 3 ETH giveaway to holders.

- Proceed to follow other development roadmap steps.

Development Roadmap

Frequently Asked Questions

We want the NFTrack mint to be as affordable as possible so we are making mint price 0.03 ETH.
We decided on this number by looking at similar projects as well as gas fees and we are much cheaper then all of them!

We will have 10,000 NFT's available to mint

You can trade your cars by going to a marketplace and connecting your wallet that holds the NFT.

Yes! You can do whatever you want with your car. Share your NFT about and show off your new car!

Check out our roadmap above for a full explanation of what we want to achieve.

NFTrack is on a platform called Immutable X that allows instant trades on Etherum with zero gas fees using the first ever layer 2 technology for NFT's.